colIf you are planning to go for a ski vacation this coming winter but you are not sure where to go, look no further than the skiing capital of North America, Colorado. With more than 50 peaks that rise to over 4,200 metres, the state has no shortage of dizzying terrain for skiing enthusiasts and snowboarding lovers. Colorado is such a beloved ski destination mainly because of its largely arid climate that produces abundant light and fluffy snow, as well as all-year-round sunshine. Though several resorts are scattered throughout the state, a large concentration of some of the best ski resorts are clustered around the Interstate 70, within a few hours’ drive from the capital, Denver.


col2For most ski vacationers to Colorado Denver is the ideal place if you want to recharge, especially after a long flight. While the city is loaded with a variety of less snow-related fun, it is a great place to help you acclimatize to the higher altitudes that you are going to experience. You will also find good bars, restaurants, and skiing gear shops. If you are planning on saving on accommodation, Denver is the place because it is a lot cheaper than most resort towns in Colorado. You will also find rental gear in many outlets in the city, but it is recommended that you rent from stores that are closer to the ski slopes in case you need to change gear or need refitting.


col3Among Colorado’s over two dozen world-class ski resorts, Vail, 100 miles west of Denver, is the largest. It is huge, covering some twenty-one square kilometres. The resort boasts of an amazing menu of terrain choices for every kind of skier and snowboarder. Given that it has the most number of ski areas, it is worth spending a little time studying trail maps to avoid getting lost or wandering too far. On the face of the peaks, families can slide down ten kilometres of nicely manicured starter and intermediate runs, as beginners, kids, and snowboarders hit the terrain’s parks. On the other side, the famed bowls have wide swathes that offer great opportunity for tree-free turns, and that harbour fresh powdery snow that lasts for days after a snowstorm. Blue Sky Basin is one of the best, but it is somewhat of a hassle to get to. The lifts that provide access to the backside runs often start closing from 3 p.m. or even slightly earlier. It’s always good to check the notice boards.


col4If you are planning to enjoy skiing for the whole day, Aspen is the place to be. It is the America’s premiere destination for highly accomplished skiers, snowboarders, and celebrities. This ski destination’s combination of top-notch skiing, high-class hobnobbing, as well as the out-of-this world American party spirit makes Aspen an astounding winter destination. Besides all the glamour, Aspen is still remarkably down-to-earth. During weekdays, it is common to find bags and shoes under the park benches at the mountain bases patiently waiting for their owners to come back from the slopes. Between the four mountain resorts that Aspen has to offer, Aspen Highlands, Aspen Mountain, Buttermilk, and Snowmass, there is sufficient skiing to last an entire season.


Aspen Snowmass and Vail are the largest mountains, but other mountains like Breckenridge, Beaver Creek and Copper are worth visiting. These destinations offer a variety of terrains and other fun activities that include outdoor hot tubs in fine mountain lodges, and some of the most intriguing small town nightlife in the West. Even spending a few days in Colorado can turn one of into the best skiing experiences in the U.S. There are literary hundreds of ski trails, and you get to experience occasional celebrity sightings and wine-soaked nights.